How Much Does Western Union Pay?

Western Union salaryHow much does Western Union pay to its employees? In order to answer the question comprehensively yet concisely, it is vital to consider a few crucial aspects. Though the amount of money you get paid by the Western Union hinges upon your location, qualification, position, and experience, the company usually pays 3% above the market. There are plenty of different job opportunities available in different categories at Western Union, including marketing, quality assurance, IT, application development, finance, data and system analyst. This article will provide you with an average salary of Western Union employees.

Marketing manager is an important position in any company, and the importance of this position increases even more in the finance sector. A marketing manager at Western Union usually receives an average salary of $103,000. Applications architect and senior applications architect make about $105,508 and $115,686 respectively. Being an influential position, a director usually gets paid around $150,000. Moreover, average salaries for the positions of IT manager and project manager are typically around $116,711 and $97,280 respectively. Director IT and senior marketing manager roughly make around $143,472 and $104,399 on average.

The salary for positions, such as staff accountant and compliance analyst, varies accordingly; it ranges between $35, 278-$59,103 for staff accountant and $38,780-$74,657 for compliance analyst. While a senior data analyst in Western Union earns an average salary of $86,000, an account executive accumulates around $55,000 on average. Moreover, business system architect makes $135,056 on average, and assistant marketing manager receives $74,641 on average.

With that being said, it can be concluded that salaries offered by Western Union are fairly competitive and vary as per the position, qualification, and experience of the employee. However, while you are applying at the company, it is always a good idea to ask about the salary when applying so as to avoid any confusion in future. This way you won’t waste your time as well as the employer’s.

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