How Much Does Weed Cost?

Buying weed (or marijuana) is illegal in the United States, but that doesn’t stop people from purchasing the drug on the street or black market. The cost of weed sold on the street is typically affected by the weight and potency of the drug.

The average cost of weed sold on the “street” is:

  • “Nickel” bag – $5
  • “Dime” bag – $10
  • Quarter-ounce – $25
  • Half ounce – $100
  • Ounce – $200
  • Pound –  $2,800

Marijuana (or weed) is also used for medicinal purposes and is available in the form of a prescription or obtained illegally. A few prices for different potencies of weed include [1]:

  • “Chemdog” is a potent form of weed whose odor can overpower a room. Glaucoma patients praise this type of marijuana for its ability to relieve eye pressure. One ounce of Chemdog costs $500 to 650 or $5500 to 6500 for a pound.
  • “Jack Herer” is derived from potent imports associated with Central and South America. The ill have used this form of weed to stimulate their appetite. One ounce of Jack Herer costs $350 to 400 or $4200 to 4800 for a pound.
  • “Kali Mist” is known for uplifting a poor mental state and relaxing the body, which is beneficial for victims of spasms and anxiety. One ounce of Kali Mist costs $350 to 400 or $4600 to 5000 for a pound.


  • “Kush” has ties to California and is known for possessing intense medicinal qualities. One ounce of Kush costs $550 to 700 or $6000 to 7000 for a pound.
  • “Sour Diesel” is the East Coast’s answer to Kush. One ounce of Sour Diesel costs $550 to 650 or $5800 to 6800 for a pound.



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  1. rick
    December 5, 2011 at 2:13 am #

    dude a quarter ounce is more like 65 bux not 25, geeze a quarter ounce is 1 4th of an ounce.

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