How Much Does Triple A Cost?

Triple A (better known as AAA) is an automobile club that provides roadside and other assistance for when you’ve encountered a problem during car travel. Usually people call AAA when they need to tow their car, have a flat tire, or have locked themselves out of their car. Memberships are paid on a yearly basis with the option to automatically renew. There are three different levels of AAA memberships: Basic, Plus/RV, and Premier/RV. [1]

Basic AAA Membership

Highlights of this membership include free basic towing (5 miles or to closest AAA repair center), tire service, locksmith service, extrication/winching, discounts, free travel planning, and battery service. Cost: $66 per year
Plus/RV AAA Membership

In addition to basic membership benefits, members receive additional perks, such as fuel delivery, 100 towing miles, enhanced tire service, and enhanced locksmith service. This is one of the more popular choices in AAA memberships. Cost: $142 per year

Premier/RV AAA Membership

This membership offers more personal services and allows cardholders to enjoy special savings at home and away. Additional benefits include complimentary car rental, 200 towing miles, $100 cruise and tour credit, and free Car Fax reports. Cost: $179 per year



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