How Much Does Shipping Cost At

Starbucks store costThe cost of shipping from varies in many ways. The first main way shipping varies would be the mail selection chosen by the customer. The customer can choose the standard mailing, two day mailing, or next day mailing. It is important to know that any order made after eleven a.m. Pacific time cannot be shipped the same day. It is also important to take into account holidays and other days when mail is not delivered.

The standard rate of shipping is five dollars and ninety-five cents. However, customers who spend over seventy-five dollars receive standard shipping at no cost. The two day rate of shipping costs fourteen dollars and ninety-five cents, and the next day rate costs twenty-four dollars and ninety-five cents. Some products tend to be more fragile than others. When this happens, the management staff serving this online community moves standard rated shipping orders to two day orders or next day orders. They do this at no cost because they want fragile material to get to customers as soon as possible.

Going further, the management staff of this online company double checks every single order. If needed, the management staff will choose a different delivery company. There are some delivery companies who handle larger boxes better and some companies that handle important boxes better. This company wants to make sure nothing happens to the customers’ product(s).

All people who have received products from are very happy with the results. These individuals received their package at the time and day stated when the purchase was made. All of these customers receives their package(s) with no marks or rips on the box and nothing broken. Many of these people left a review on the main website.

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