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Shipping Fees

NuMe Products costFor all fees, Nume only accepts American Express, Discovery, MasterCard and Visa. Money Orders made to ABV Group in US dollars are also acceptable. If you are buying a Nume product and live in the United States, the cost of shipping varies than if you were shipping a product internationally. If you are a Nume shopper and are shopping from outside of the United States, there are going to be costs that include import taxes, fees and customs duties that the destination country levies. The recipient of the global shipper is subjected to fees, customs duties and import taxes that are estimated the moment the shipment reaches the country of the recipient or once an order is placed. Recipients need to comply with the destination country’s laws and regulations. An estimate of costs is done by Nume for the amount due to for fees, taxes and duties at the checkout time. In the invoice, this estimate will be seen as estimated taxes and duties.
Domestic Shipping Costs are $12-$15 depending on weight that includes a processing time of 1-3 business days and a delivery time of 7-10 business days.

International shipping costs are $15-$90 depending on weightthat includes a processing time of 1-3 business days and a delivery time of 10-25 business days.

Product Exchange Fees

For local product exchange, there are going to be fees based on the new item that is to be exchanged. The fees for exchanging items including costs of shipping are: $69 for styling sets $59 for dryers $49 for flat irons $39 for curling wands. All orders, both local and international have a ninety day guarantee or you get your money back.

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