How Much Does Shipping Cost At

Candy Warehouse costCandyWarehouse is available to provide different flavors of Candy for every type of event. Be it Wedding Candy, baby shower candy, mother’s day candy or any type of special event, CandyWarehouse will provide different brands and flavors which is going to please you. One advantage about this company is that your Candy will be shipped right to your location.


How Much Does Shipping Cost At

Shipping charges vary depending on the shipping service selected and one’s location in the United States. The 2 business days method will be twice as expensive as the 3 to 4 business days method. Shipping Candy needs ultimate care and is therefore rather expensive. The rates are about 20%. If you would therefore like to ship $1000 worth of Candy, your shipping cost is going to be about $200.


Shipping methods 

Apart from CandyWarehouse shipping your Candy themselves, one has an option to use UPS or a FedEx account for shipping. This can happen for those that would prefer using the carriers themselves. For this shipping method, one simply needs to select ��freight collect’ option then enter their FedEx or UPS account number. With this method, the companies themselves will bill you directly for the actual shipping of your package.


Address correction costs

Other costs incurred during shipping will be shipping correction. The amount charged for shipping correction is $12.50 per package. If you entered the addressing incorrectly when placing your order, you cause an inconvenience in the shipping process and you may have to account for these costs.


Shipping charges calculation

Shipping charges are usually calculated using the USPS, FedEx and the UPS shipping tables. This is based on the package’s size, weight, delivery distance and shipping method. For every upgraded method, the shipping cost is going to approximately double. Additionally, orders that exceed 200 pounds in weight receive a hundred weight discounts. This can assist to save about 20% of the shipping.

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