How Much Does McDonald’s Pay?

When it comes to fast food restaurants, McDonald’s is the largest chain of hamburger joints in the world – serving nearly 60 million people every day. From cashiers to managers, McDonald’s offers many different employment opportunities with noted opportunities to rise up within the company. For the most part, location and position affects how much McDonald’s pays.

McDonald’s Hourly Pay and Salaries

The median pay for a permanent employee at McDonald’s Corporation is $10.02 per hour.

The median pay for a part-time employee at McDonald’s Corporation is $8.43 per hour.

The hourly rate varies according to location. For example, McDonald’s employees in North Carolina make an average of $7.30 per hour, whereas Michigan employees earn $8.60 per hour.

Salaried positions for McDonald’s employees include:

  • General Manager – $41,226
  • Assistant Manager – $29,435
  • Restaurant Manager – $37,389
  • Assistant Restaurant Manager – $28,577
  • Operations Supervisor – $53,437


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