How Much Does Marijuana Cost in the U.K.?

Marijuana is a popular drug that is found almost anywhere in the world. The cost of marijuana in the United Kingdom depends on who you buy it from and the quality of the product. As opposed to dollars, buyers typically pay in the form of pounds (£) – the unit of money used in the U.K.

how much does weed cost uk

However, the cost of marijuana in the U.K. has significantly increased over the years. While hash (or bushweed) is usually cheap, the quality is still poor. Expect to pay around $15 USD for 1/8 ounce. Mid- to higher-quality marijuana in the U.K. (such as “skunk” or generic hydro) is priced around $40 for 1/8 ounce. The higher-end weed in the United Kingdom (sometimes referred to as charas and cheese) costs more than $50 for an “eighth.”

An average-quality weed costs about £70 to £120 per ounce. For one ounce of “cheese” (high-quality marijuana), prices have risen from £150 ($240) to £190. In London, you can purchase “skunk” for about £120 to £200 per ounce.

A sampling of 2012 user-reported marijuana prices in the U.K. according to region includes [1]:

  • Shrewsbury, Shropshire – $40 for five grams – low quality
  • Ottery Saint Mary, Devon – $20 an eighth – low quality
  • London, London – $100 an ounce – medium quality
  • Sheffield, Sheffield – $330 an ounce – medium quality
  • Westminster, Westminster – $240 an ounce – high quality
  • Kirby, Clwyd – $800 an ounce – high quality


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