How Much Does Marijuana Cost in the U.S.?

When it comes to marijuana prices in the United States, the average cost depends on the quality (or potency), quantity and geographic location of the weed. Since selling and buying weed is an illegal activity, it is not a controlled or monitored act – therefore the prices mentioned are an estimate that fluctuates in regards to a handful of factors.

how much does weed cost usa

Quality or Potency

The type (or quality) of product greatly affects the cost of marijuana in the U.S. There are typically three different grades of marijuana available on the black market (or street level) – poor (also known as “garbage,” “dirt weed” or “schwag”), mid-level (often referred to as “dro, “hydro,” or “regular”), and high quality (also called “exotic,” skunk,” “diesel” and “kush”). The better quality the product, the more you will expect to pay. For example, a half-ounce of poor quality marijuana costs an average of $75 as opposed to the $150 price tag commonly charged for a higher-quality product.

High quality marijuana found in big cities, such as Los Angeles and New York City, carry higher price tags. One ounce of the intensely potent ‘Kush’ in California costs $550 to 700 or $6000 to 7000 for a pound. On the East Coast, one ounce of ‘Sour Diesel’ costs $550 to 650 or $5800 to 6800 for a pound [1].


Where marijuana is bought in the U.S. greatly affects the price of the product. With the exception of California, the majority of states located close to the Mexican Border (southern locations) enjoy lower prices as opposed to northeastern states, where dealers face a harder time obtaining product. The cheapest state to purchase marijuana is Texas, where an ounce of Mexican dirt weed sells for as low as $40 [2]. An ounce of hydro can be purchased in Texas for about $100, where customers in other states pay around $300 to $400 for an ounce. New Mexico is another state that offers cheaper marijuana prices.

The average cost of marijuana is typically greater in the states of Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts and New Hampshire. New York City is another location that offers a wide range of options with high prices that reflect a higher quality product.


The average cost of marijuana in the U.S. reflects varying prices in regards of quality and quantity:


dime – $10
dub bag – $15
eighth – $25
quarter – $40
half ounce – $75
ounce – $100
QP – $400
half pound -$ 800
pound – $1200


dime – $10
dub bag – $20
eighth – $50
quarter – $100
half ounce – $200
ounce – $250
QP – $800
half pound -$1600
pound – $3500

High or Exotic Quality 

dime – $15
dub bag – $25
eighth – $80
quarter – $175
half ounce – $350
ounce – $700
QP – $1500
half pound -$ 3000
pound – $5000 to $7000

Other factors that influence the cost of marijuana in the U.S. include:

  • Relationship with dealer or seller
  • Bringing new business to seller
  • Bartering goods for reduced prices on product


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