How Much Does Lighterlife Cost?

LighterLife is a weight-loss and weight-management program in the United Kingdom and Ireland geared towards men and women who have a body mass index (BMI) of 25 or above. The LighterLife diet concentrates on weekly group meetings, where members collect and pay for their Foodpacks. To participate in the diet, you must make a commitment to purchase either 21 or 28 Foodpacks every week – depending on your program choice.

LighterLife Program Costs

LighterLife Lite [1]: If you have a BMI between 25 and 29.9, you should follow the LighterLife Lite program, which involves eating three Foodpacks a day and a conventional meal with protein and a vegetable. This program costs £49.50 per week.

LighterLife Total: If your BMI is over 30, follow the LighterLife Total program, which calls for eating four Foodpacks per day (any combination of shakes, soups, and one bar). This program costs £66 per week.

Water plays an important role in achieving your weight loss goals and LighterLife offers flavorings with added fiber to mix with your liquid. The flavorings come in three different flavors (Fruits of the Forest, St Clements and Sunrise Orange) and are sold for £9. Another add-on to the diet is savory sachet ‘cupa-soups’ – sold by counselors for £6.

Purchasing Alternatives

Only LighterLife counselors are licensed to sell Foodpacks. However, products have ended up on eBay with extremely inflated prices.



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