How Much Does it Cost to Get Married in Vegas?

Las Vegas has a notorious reputation for seeing the speedy walks-down-the-aisle for numerous celebrities and eloping lovers. Getting married in Las Vegas is attractive because it is easy and fast to obtain a marriage license and arrange the services. The city has witnessed its fair share of quickie marriages and spur-of-the-moment decisions – all of which are completely legal. Every year, around 120,000 weddings take place in Vegas, making it one of the most popular destination wedding sites in the United States.

The allure of getting married in Vegas is that there are many different options to consider without spending an arm and a leg. The cost to get married in Vegas typically depends on the services you choose to pay for. All-inclusive packages to the simplest of services are offered in Las Vegas.


For starters, you will need a marriage license before you can get married in Vegas. The state of Nevada does not require a waiting period or blood test. The cost for same-day service at the Clark County Clerk’s Office for a marriage license in Vegas is $60 with a $5 fee if you pay using a credit card [1].

The average cost of a ceremony in the typical wedding chapel in Vegas is between $199 and $499. Some people have paid as low as $100 for a marriage license and exchange of vows. A more expensive package that includes photos, music, video, cake, some flowers, and other extras can cost around $500 total [2].

Inexpensive wedding packages are popular amongst people getting married in Las Vegas. For instance, the Little White Wedding Chapel on the Strip charges the following fees: Exchange of wedding vows or renewal ($55 for chapel fee), Lover’s Package ($229), Romantic’s Package ($419), Michael Jordan Package ($519), and the Honeymooner Package ($819).




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