How Much Does Cost?

eHarmony costeHarmony has a few different costs. Actually, their first cost is free. People interested in this site can create a free basic profile, and they can view most of their matches in less than three minutes. There are also many times throughout the year, especially on holidays, when this website lets people signup for free or be a member for a couple of days for free.

There are, however, costs for people serious about finding that special someone. A person can join for three months at a rate of approximately sixty dollars a month. A person may also join for six months and pay approximately forty-five dollars per month. There are two more payment options: twelve months for approximately twenty-six dollars a month or twenty-four months for approximately ten dollars per month. This is the only company that lowers their rate for people who sign-up for a longer period of time; customers also have the option to pay for an extended time period. A great thing about this company is that they surprise long-time customers with twenty-percent discounts all the time. There have been twenty-four month customers who have paid less than five dollars for a particular month.

When people join, they are immediately given a list of everything they are offer and not offered depending on what package their purchased. Recent customers left reviews on the main website that applaud the pricing of eHarmony. Customers believe the pricing is more than fair when compared to all other dating websites. This online dating site also has a great financial management team that will work with every single customer. These individuals will help every customer build a comfortable payment plan that will assure them a spot on the eHarmony website; this wonderful feature has worked for many individuals.

You can save money on eHarmony packages by searching for coupons and earning up to 15% cashback through Giving Assistant.

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