How Much Does Bupa Cost?

Bupa is one of the leading healthcare organizations in the United Kingdom with bases found on three continents. There is also an estimated more than 10 million customers stretched across over 200 countries. The cost of a subscription to Bupa depends on the level of coverage you choose. Some have reduced the cost of their health insurance by selecting to pay a higher excess, or have also opted for a fixed price option [1]

Sample Bupa Costs

Personalized price quotes for Bupa healthcare benefits are also based on a variety of factors, including your family history, lifestyle habits, and age.

Current and past subscribers of Bupa in the United Kingdom have paid:

  • £170 a month for Bupa healthcare
  • £150,000 cover for a 47-year-old costs £2,820 per year. [2]
  • £1,662 for its most comprehensive private medical insurance plan with £1,285 if the family pays the first £250 of any claim

Bupa is found around the world. A sample of annual subscription price quotes for a 30-year-old in Hong Kong is Bupa Care Pro –  $2,142 (Ward, in-patient benefit), Bupa Care HealthNet – $6,952 (Ward, inpatient & out-patient benefits), Bupa Crystal –  $7,468 (Private, in-patient benefit), and Bupa Gold – $17,302 (Private, in-patient benefit) [3].





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