How Much Does an Architect Make?

Successful architects have mastered the balance between creativity and practicality. Design concepts not only have to please clients, but also need to follow safety protocol. With their ability to juggle building codes and budgets, architects are often hired to turn project dreams into reality. Experience, credentials, and location are significant in determining how much an architect makes.

According to, architects in the United States can make an average yearly salary of between $48,163 and $75,312 [1].

Factors Affecting Salary

Years of Experience: Architects must earn their stripes before they can make the “big bucks.” Individuals with less than one year experience typically earn between $34,744 and $45,827 per year. With 20 or more years of experience, an architect can earn an average yearly salary up to $98,764.

Education plays a role in how much an architect makes. Depending on the degree earned, an architect can make the following yearly salaries: Bachelor of Architecture (b.arch.) ($47,101 – $73,044), Master of Architecture (MArch) ($46,298 – $69,431), Bachelor of Science (BS/BSc/SB) in Architecture ($44,159 – $69,641), Architectural ($45,781 – $68,403), and Bachelor of Arts (BA/AB), and Architecture ($50,300 – $80,473).

Location: Architects in Irvine, California are known to earn the highest yearly salary – between $69,411 and $117,606. Other locations that offer high salaries for architects include Sacramento, California; Arlington, Virginia; Cambridge, Massachusetts; Morristown, New Jersey; Oakland, California; and Jacksonville, Florida.


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