How Much Does Cost?

How much does cost? The answer to this depends on the package that you end up selecting as this has a direct impact on the amount of information that you are then able to access during your membership period. However, no matter which one you opt for, there is no doubt that you will be able to uncover a whole host of new things all about your family history.

The Packages

As of right now you have three different packages to choose from, US Discovery, which costs you $19.99 a month or $99 for 6 months, World Explorer, which costs you $34.99 a month or $149 for 6 months. Finally, there is World Explorer Plus and this costs you $44.99 a month or $199 for 6 cost

However, to help you choose the package that is best for your needs we need to look at what you get for each one. For the US Discovery package you get access to all of the US census, birth, marriage, and death certificates as well as being able to connect with other people that share a common ancestor.

The World Explorer package is far more involved as you not only have access to the same US records, but you also have access to 2 billion international records including census, birth, marriage, death, and even military records. You will also be able to see scans of handwritten records going back hundreds of years in the UK and the records at your disposal come from a grand total of more than 60 countries.

Finally, the World Explorer Plus package has all of the above as well as access to more than 80 million newspaper records and over 400 million military records courtesy of

So, the cost of joining depends on the records that you need to access and where your family is based. Clearly, if you know that a lot of your family is from outside of the US, then the World Explorer package is a good idea, but no matter which one you opt for there is no doubt that it will be well worth the cost when you piece together more of your family history.

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