How Much Does an LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) Make?

An LPN is a licensed practical nurse, which means that they have taken the appropriate exams and passed the proper tests to become certified in nursing. An LPN is found working in hospitals and clinics – under the supervision of doctors. They are also employed in private home health and long-term care facilities. How much an LPN makes is determined by a variety of factors.

The doors for more job opportunities open in the nursing world once an individual becomes certified. The median hourly rate for a licensed practical nurse is $16.95 [1]. A licensed practical nurse can also become a charge nurse and receive $18.73 per hour. Other jobs that an LPN can hold include MDS Coordinator ($22.06) and Licensed Vocational Nurse ($18.31).

LPNs in the United States make a base salary between $33,614 and $47,972 [2].

 Factors Affecting Hourly Rate

According to, how long an LPN has been working and the location of their job affect how much they are paid. For example:

Years of Experience: Licensed practical nurses with less than one year of experience make an average hourly rate of $15.08, while LPNs with more than 20 years experience are paid $19.52 per hour.

Location: Licensed practical nurses in Florida make an average of $18.04 per hour, while LPNs in Georgia are typically paid $15.66 per hour.


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