How Much Does an Alternator Cost?

The alternator of your car is part of the charging system, which is responsible for producing electricity for many components of your vehicle. The alternator is a type of generator that turns mechanical energy into electric power. While the battery delivers some electricity throughout a vehicle, it is the alternator that is in charge of providing the power needed for many electrical mechanisms in your means of transportation.

Factors Affecting Cost of an Alternator

The type of vehicle you drive will affect the cost of an alternator. Truck alternators typically cost more than most car alternators. Replacing an alternator in a classic car will also cost more because the parts are more expensive and in many cases – hard to pinpoint. The make, model, and engine size of your vehicle will play a role in the cost of an alternator. For example, the alternator for a Mercedes Benz will cost more than a Honda Civic.

  • The average cost for a new alternator for a domestic vehicle is $80.
  • The average cost for a new alternator for a foreign vehicle is $240 to $370.
  • The average cost for a new alternator for high-end foreign cars (such as Mercedes and BMW): $340 and up [1].

Alternatives for Buying an Alternator

Purchasing a used alternator will lower the price you pay. Car parts can be ordered from a car dealership, auto parts shop or online. There are also “pick-and-pull” options, where you pay a junkyard a fee to remove an alternator on your own. Depending on the make and model of your vehicle, alternators can cost as little as $10 or as much as $100 or more.

Another money-saving option is to take your alternator to a business that rebuilds alternators. The average cost of a rebuilt alternator is $40 to $60 with an average of one-day turnaround [1]. New and used alternators are also sold online on sites, such as eBay. For example, a new alternator for a 2001/2002 Mercury Cougar is priced at $110.



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