How Much Does a Surgical Technician Earn?

If you’ve ever experienced a surgery, chances are that a surgical technician was close by to assist. Under the supervision of surgeons, registered nurses and other surgical professionals, a technician may assist in setting up an operating room or pass out the necessary instruments for surgery. The location of employment and years of experience will affect how much a surgical technician earns.

According to, surgical technicians in the United States earn an average salary of between $30,916 and $44,311 with an average hourly rate of between $14.45 and $20.15.

Surgical technicians who work overtime can earn between $19.96 and $30.40 per hour.

 Factors Affecting Hourly Rate

Years of Experience: Surgical technicians starting their first year of employment typically earn up to $15.83 per hour, while an individual in the industry for 20 years or more has an average hourly earning potential of up to $24.63.

Location:  The highest-paying location for a surgical technician to work is Washington, District of Columbia, where they can earn between $20.00 and  $31.97 per hour. Other locations offering the highest hourly rates for surgical technicians include Tucson, Arizona; Sacramento, California; Madison, Wisconsin; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; and San Diego, California.



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