How Much Does a Rabbit Cost?

With many options to obtain a free or low-cost rabbit, the biggest concern of how much a rabbit costs is the upkeep. You’ll have to figure in additional costs, such as food, veterinary care, and litter box supplies. Before committing to the purchase of a rabbit, keep in mind that the average lifespan of a rabbit is between 7 and 12 years.


Costs of Buying a Rabbit

If you haven’t received your pet as a springtime or Easter present, the purchase cost is the first expense regarding a rabbit. The initial cost will depend on the breed of rabbit. The most common options are Lops (with the droopy ears) – $15 to $60, Dwarfs (weighing only 1 to 3 pounds) – $25 to $40, and Mini Rexes (with alert pointy ears) – $10 to $50.

Pricier rabbits include the soft-furred Angoras ($25 to $50), Flemish Giants ($45 to $100), and Lionheads ($20 to $50). As a rule of thumb, rabbits are priced higher when they are born with distinct markings or unusual colors.

Rabbits are kept in cages that often come with removable trays to make litter cleaning much easier. A small 25x16x9-inch unit can cost about $35, whereas a 42-inch one with wheels is priced up to $120. You must choose a cage that is long enough to support a rabbit when stretched out and tall enough so it can stand on its hind legs.

Litter boxes cost an average of $3 to $10, which is lined with litter (such as recycled paper pellets) that costs about $9 per bag. Bedding (such as wood shavings) costs up to $10 for 20 liters. Since rabbits enjoy chewing, it is suggested to purchase toys.

Additional expenses for owning a rabbit include:

• 3-pound bag of pellets: $5 (around $15 per month)
• Water bottle: $5
• Grooming brushes: $4 to $8
• Nail clippers: less than $10
• Shampoo: $4
• Treats: $3
• Hutches: $100 (3-foot wide); $110 to $160 (4-foot wide)
• Rug for house rabbits: $10
• Pet carrier: $18 to $30
• Spaying or neutering: $50 to $150.



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