How Much Does a Provisional License Cost?

The driving license between a learners permit and a full drivers license is called a provisional license (or learners license, probationary license, junior license, or an intermediate license). A provisional license grants a driver a few more freedoms than a learners permit. The basic restrictions of a provisional license are to monitor the instruction and privileges of first-time and teenage drivers.

Basic Restrictions

Provisional licenses concentrate on whether a driver can operate a vehicle at night. Some states say no, while others allow accompanied night driving – as long as a licensed parent, guardian, or other adult is in the car at the same time [1]. Some states place restrictions regarding your passengers, including age restrictions, relationship to you, and number of people. Other states require that you and everyone in the car are wearing a seatbelt.

Just as the restrictions of a provisional license differ for each state – so does the cost. It is also important to note that not all states offer provisional licenses. A sample of various provisional license fees include:

  • Georgia – $10
  • New Mexico – $16
  • Utah –  $25 to $27.50
  • Maryland – Free if you are a new driver in the Rookie Driver program and have a valid learner’s permit.

Other places in the world require this type of license for new or teen drivers. For example, in the United Kingdom, a provisional license costs £50.



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