How Much Does a Pig Cost?

Pigs are kept as farm livestock, pets, and shown at county fairs and 4-H events. The cost to own a pig slightly varies depending on your intentions. Your main concerns will include purchasing the pig, shelter, food, equipment, and other supplies.

One of the largest expenses regarding pig costs is buying the animal. If you are interested in purchasing a pig for breeding, there are eight major pig breeds to consider in the United States, including Berkshire, Duroc, Hampshire, and Poland China. Prices vary, but expect to pay about $80 for a young pig weighing around 40 to 50 pounds.

Pigs eat a diet mostly comprised of farm grains. Corn is one of the best feeds for energy because it offers a great deal of digestible carbohydrates. You must supplement farm grains with vitamins and other feed options, such as barley, oats, and wheat. Table scraps, peelings, rotten apples (quartered), cores, fat trimmings, turnips, carrots, lettuce, squash, beets, and cabbage are all acceptable forms of supplementation. The typical 50-pound bag of feed costs about $10. One bag lasts one growing pig for about two weeks.

Pigs require a clean, dry, draft-free place to sleep with a roof. There are also specific space requirements that vary according to their weight. For one pig, a large dog house ($100) could serve as outdoor shelter. Metal enclosures and fences vary in price and average $100 or more. Automatic waterers are relatively inexpensive and cost about $15 to $20, which requires the use of a garden hose ($10). You will also need a hog feeder and water barrel.

The sleeping quarters of a pig should be lined with straw or wood chips for their bedding. One bale of straw costs an average of $2 to $4.

It is estimated that the cost of raising a market pig (for approximately 12 weeks) is $200 [1].

The cost to show a pig depends on the equipment you use. Average costs include a garden hose ($10), rubber boots ($20), scrub brush ($5), mild soap ($5), clippers ($20), water bucket ($5), and feed pan ($25).

Pot-Belly Pig Costs

If you are interested in having a pig for a pet, pot-bellied pigs are a popular choice. The cost of a pot belly pig starts around $300 for black, $350 for exotic colors, and up to $750 or more for a breeder pig. Vet and shipping charges are not included.



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