How Much Does a Physical Therapist Make?

When you get injured or become weak in a certain part of the body, a physical therapist is called upon to assess, plan, organize, and participate in programs that rehabilitate your body. Physical therapists help patients that are in need of improving mobility, relieving pain, increasing strength, or decreasing body deformities. How much a physical therapist makes greatly relies on their location and years of experience.

According to, physical therapists in the United States earn an average yearly salary of between $58,232 and $75,871 [1]. A licensed physical therapist (LPT) can earn up to $77,499. A senior physical therapist is paid between $68,210 and $85,302. Physical therapists can also concentrate on one specific field in medicine, such as pediatrics ($51,616 to $74,112).

Factors Affecting Salary

Years of Experience: A physical therapist just starting out in the medical field can earn up to $61,225, while an individual who has completed 20 years or more will earn up to $81,336.

Location: Certain locations in the United States offer higher salaries for physical therapists. For example, the best opportunities for physical therapists are reported in San Jose, California (between $69,759 and $83,638); Silver Spring, Maryland; Las Vegas, Nevada, Rockville, Maryland; Fort Worth, Texas; Hartford, Connecticut; and Los Angeles, California.



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