How Much Does a Phlebotomist Make?

A phlebotomist is a medical technician whose sole job revolves around blood. They are trained specifically to take blood samples from patients and perform basic lab tasks. One minute they are drawing blood and the next, they are entering lab results into a computer system. The location of employment and employer plays an important role in how much a phlebotomist makes.

According to, a phlebotomist in the United States earns an average hourly rate between $10.79 and $14.79 [1]. When working overtime, phlebotomists stand to take home between $14.89 and $21.89 per hour. Bonuses and profit sharing can cause a phlebotomist to earn a yearly salary of between $23,070 and $31,968.

 Factors Affecting Salary

Years of Experience: A phlebotomist who has worked less than one year usually earns up to $12.82 per hour, while an individual holding the position for 20 years or more typically makes up to $17.19 per hour.

Location:  The highest-paying city for phlebotomists to find jobs is San Francisco, California, which offers average hourly rates between $15.08 and $21.28. Other high-paying cities for this job include Worcester, Massachusetts; Sacramento, California; San Diego, California; Minneapolis, Minnesota; and Boston, Massachusetts.

Employer: For the most part, the industry that a phlebotomist works in doesn’t affect their overall pay. Phlebotomists working in the professional analytical/laboratory services tend to earn slightly higher – up to $14.93 per hour. However, the place of employment does affect the overall hourly rate of a phlebotomist.

Popular employers include: Quest Diagnostics ($12.74 – $16.20), Labcorp of America ($12.57 – $15.50), Lab Corp of America ($13.02 – $15.81), American Red Cross Blood Services ($12.25 – $17.95), and Kaiser Permanente ($15.28 – $20.17).



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