How Much Does a Pharmacist Make?

The individual responsible for making sure you receive the proper dosage and amount of medication when you pick up a prescription goes to your local friendly pharmacist. In the United States, all pharmacists graduating from college after 1998 are required to attain a Doctor of Pharmacy degree. The degree is needed to become a licensed pharmacist.

According to, a pharmacist in the United States makes between $76,086 and $104,307. Some pharmacists will earn between $80,783 and $113,114 – thanks to commission, bonuses, and profit sharing [1].

Factors Affecting Salary

Years of Experience: A pharmacist starting their first year can look forward to making up to $99,870, while a pharmacist in the business for 20 years or more usually earns up to $116,626.

Education also affects the salary of a pharmacist. For example, an individual that earns their Bachelor of Science (BS/BSc/SB) in Pharmacy can make between $103,018 and $117,908.

Location: Not every city and state offers the same salaries for pharmacists. For example, the top-paying locations for this career are Minneapolis, Minnesota; Charlotte, North Carolina; Phoenix, Arizona; Sacramento, California; Atlanta, Georgia; and Madison, Wisconsin.

Employer: Pharmacists can seek employment from various sources, including hospitals, grocery stores or the local drugstore – all of which offer varying salaries. Examples of salaries offered by well-known pharmacies include:

CVS / Pharmacy ($61,445 – $112,947),

CVS Caremark Corporation ($77,902 – $111,966),

Walgreen Co. ($87,097 – $103,165),

Walgreen’s Pharmacy ($68,314 – $97,591) and

Rite Aid Pharmacy ($73,268 – $118,751).



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