How Much Does a Hamster Cost?

Hamsters are furry balls of entertainment that are a popular choice for parents looking to get their child a first pet. Relatively easy to care for, the critter is quite friendly, inquisitive and easier to handle than other rodents. The overall cost of a hamster is determined by the breed, initial costs, and extra accessories you choose to purchase. You can save money on hamsters by checking local classified ads for free or low-cost pets– some of which come with their own cages, toys, and other accessories.

How Much Does a Hamster Cost

Cost of a Hamster

The initial cost of a hamster starts with the purchase of the pet itself. The average cost of buying a hamster ranges from $6 to $30 – determined by the kind of hamster you get and the method of purchase (breeder versus commercial pet store). Average costs of hamster breeds include:

• Syrian (white and cream colored fur that are highly energetic) – $6 to $11
• Russian Dwarf (lifespan of 3 years) – $15 to $25
• Fancy Russian Dwarf (black and white fur) – $16 to $25
• Winter White (black and gray fur that are quite active) – $16 to $25
• Robo Dwarf (mustard and white fur and can live up to 4 years) – $16 to $24

During the first year of owning a hamster, you may spend up to $100 on getting the necessary accessories. Additional costs to own a hamster include:

• Cages and Bedding – When you first get your pet, you will probably spend about $35 for a cage [1]. Hamsters often live in wire cages, but can also dwell in a 10-gallon aquarium with a wire-mesh top. Fancier cages with tubes, tunnels and hideaways can cost more than $75. You can spend $5 to $15 to outfit a less expensive cage with mental and physical stimulation for your hamster. The bottom of the hamster cage should be lined with shavings to allow the creature a place to burrow and enjoy comfortable surroundings. Bedding costs around $2 to $5 per bag.

• Food – Food runs about $50 a year, plus $20 annually for treats. Hamster mix is usually comprised of seeds, grains, cracked corn and pellets. The average bag of hamster food costs $5 to $10 – and depends on the brand and size. Premium hamster food that provides more ingredients and nutrients will cost more. You may spend around $5 on supplemental food items or on fresh food (such as vegetables and fruits) that are recommended for the addition of a hamster diet every three days.

Fresh, clean water should be available at all times and is best administered with the use of an inverted bottle with drinking tube (sometimes called a critter canteen). These usually cost $3 to $10.

• Exercise –To exercise your hamster, a wheel inside the cage is ideal. They typically range from $5 to $10 – depending on the material and diameter of the wheel [2]. A hamster ball (ranging from $4 to $8) also provides exercise by letting the critter roll around the floor within a protective, ventilated plastic ball.

• Health Costs – Hamster teeth continuously grow, meaning you will need to supply treats and other accessories to make sure they do not overgrow. A box of hamster treats costs about $3 to $5. You may also use dog biscuits as a substitute. Hamsters with a weakened immune system will need vitamins that can cost $5 to $10. [3]



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