How Much Does a Doctor Make?

From neurosurgeons to podiatrists, doctors are responsible for analyzing our symptoms and making the diagnosis that sends us on our way to the road to recovery. How much a doctor makes is affected by many different factors. According to, the median salary for an individual with a Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree varies according to their field of medicine, location, employer, and years of experience.

As of October 7, 2010, a family physician or doctor makes a median salary of $137,679.
Other doctor salary figures include [1]:

  • Family physician or doctor – internal medicine – $148,004
  • General pediatrician – $122,087
  • Psychiatrist – $159,339
  • Anesthesiologist – $235,285
  • General Surgeon – $235,548

Factors Affecting the Salary of a Doctor

Not all doctor salaries are created equal and there are a handful of factors that affects how much a doctor makes. For example, doctors who are specialists tend to make more money than general doctors because there is usually more of a demand for their specific services.

Other factors to consider include:

Location: Doctor salaries vary per state and city. For example, the average salary for a doctor in New York is $145,518, while doctors in Atlanta make an average salary of $176,000.

Employer: A doctor’s employer also determines their base salary. For example, doctors working in hospitals or in a private practice make an average of $154,000, while a doctor in the school system makes an average salary of $76,000.

Years of Experience: A doctor practicing for less than one year makes an average of $107,349, while a doctor with more than 20 years experience takes home an average of $179,330.

To find the salary of a specific field of medicine, provides in-depth ranges.


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