How Much Does a Registered Nurse Make?

Registered nurses belong to one of the largest health care professions in the nation and are employed wherever there is a need for nursing care [1]. From hospitals to homeless shelters, registered nurses are hired to care for the sick and injured. How much a registered nurse is affected by outside factors centered on location, employer, and experience.

According to, the average hourly rate of pay for registered nurses is between $22.07 and $30.75 [2]. When taking into consideration overtime, the hourly rate for an RN increases to between $30.72 and $45.76 per hour.

 Factors Affecting Hourly Rate for RNs

Years of Experience: Hourly pay ranges increase for registered nurses when they possess more years of experience. For example, an RN who has been working for less than one year earns between $19.57 and $24.09 per hour, while a registered nurse with 20 years or more under her belt takes home between $26.82 and $35.97 per hour.

Location: The location of a registered nursing job will affect the hourly rate of pay. For example, a registered nurse in Ohio earns up to $27.72 per hour, while RNs in California are paid up to $41.14 per hour.

Employer: From emergency rooms to outpatient units, the employer of a registered nurse plays a significant role in their hourly pay. About 56% of nurses work at hospitals, which pay a median hourly rate of between $23.64 and $32.22.  Other industry hourly pay ranges for registered nurses include: Healthcare ($23.53 Р$32.01), Acute Care Hospital ($24.40 Р$33.41), Medical Services ($23.62 Р$32.30), and Long-term Care / Rehabilitation ($23.78 Р$31.49).




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