How Much Does a Movie Ticket Cost?

The billion-dollar film industry relies on the public lining up at movie theaters to purchase tickets and indulge in concession stand goodies. The average cost of movie tickets depends on specific theaters and location, as theaters follow a uniform pricing approach for all films shown at their establishment. For example, all non-matinee shows at the AMC Magic Johnson Theater in Harlem, New York cost $11.50, while moviegoers in Bangor, Maine pay up to $8.25 for the same movie.

The average movie ticket in the US currently costs $7.50 [1].

The average cost of a ticket to enjoy the 3-D movie experience of an IMAX theater is $20.

In addition to the cost of a movie ticket, many patrons tack on an average of $10 extra per person for popcorn, beverages and/or candy.

Discount Movie Tickets

To find cheaper movie tickets:

  • Search by zip code in Yahoo Movies for local theaters. The closest theaters are listed with available films, showtimes, and the price. Some movie tickets are as low as $1 for films that are relatively new, but have already been released for a few weeks.
  • Join a movie club to receive film ticket discounts and other perks. Members of the Regal Crown Club earn free movies, popcorn, and soft drinks.
  • Summer specials, such as the AMC Summer Movie Camp, offer free and heavily discounted movie tickets – some as low as $1.
  • Some theaters allow you to purchase movie tickets in bulk. For example, Regal Cinemas offers 50 movie tickets that can be used anytime for $7.50 each.
  • Seniors, military, students, and children also receive movie theater discounts with an average savings of up to $3.

The Entertainment Book is a yearly publication tailored for locals of specific cities, and offers movie theater ticket discounts valid all day long. There is also one free movie ticket coupon for use on your birthday.


[1] National Association of Theatre Owners

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