How Much Does a Guinea Pig Cost?

From solid white to shades of brown and black, guinea pigs belong to the rodent family – yet have still found their way into the hearts of many children who keep them as pets. The breed and routine expenses for care ultimately determines how much a guinea pig costs. To save money, check the classified ads in the local newspaper for free or low-cost guinea pigs – some of which come with their own cages and toys.

Cost of a Guinea Pig

Guinea pigs with short hair (white, black or cream) and those with non-distinct markings cost  $10 to $33. Guinea pigs with eye-catching multi-colored patterns in black and white or gold and white cost about $29.  Long and curly-haired Peruvian or Himalayan guinea pigs are typically priced at $30 to $35.

Additional costs to own a guinea pig include:

  • Cages – Wire cages are suggested for guinea pigs so they can receive better ventilation. Choose plastic bottoms on the cages, which are easy on their feet. Depending on the size, cages generally cost between $35 and $80.
  • Litter and Bedding – Wood shavings, bedding material, and litter for guinea pigs can cost $400 per year [1]. Make sure to provide a cave or other hiding place for shelter. Some people have also used a small flowerpot.
  • Food – Expect to pay up to $10 per month for food, as a 5-pound bag of food costs around $5. You may also supplement a guinea pig’s diet with fresh fruit and vegetables.
  • Exercise – An exercise ball ($14 to $17) makes sure that a guinea pig is able to get its blood pumping. If you are interested in taking your guinea pig for a walk around the yard, a harness costs about $7.
  • Toys and Treats – Various treats and toys for a guinea can cost about $25 per year.
  • Veterinary Costs – It costs around $45 to spay or neuter a guinea pig. Annual checkups run around $50.

To save money, buy a guinea pig starter kit, which often comes with a small cage, water bottle, bowl, bedding, and one month’s supply of food for about $45.



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